Objections to Applications for Liquor Licenses

The KRRA is gravely concerned about the proliferation of liquor outlets in Kensington and surrounding areas.

 We urge residents, businesses, schools, religious organisations and other stakeholders to lodge formal objections to the award of a liquor license to the applicant with the Gauteng Liquor Board, in terms of the Gauteng Liquor Act of 2013 (Department of Economic Development) and the Gauteng Liquor Regulations 2013, administered by the Gauteng Liquor Board.    

Please download our information flyer below which will guide you in submitting objections to gazetted Liquor License applications.

  • Application for liquor licenses are published in an Extraordinary Government Gazette usually on the first Wednesday of the month
  • There is a 21 calendar day period in which to object.

KRRA Flyer – Objection to Liquor Licence Application

Gauteng Liquor Act Regulations 2013

Gauteng Liquor Act 2 of 2003