Patrolling Public Spaces

The Patrolling Public Spaces initiative was started in 2015 by the KRRA.

This homegrown initiative involves a private security company patrolling spaces that are not private properties i.e. public spaces. This is a proactive approach aimed at deterring criminals and preventing crime, as opposed to the standard reactive approach of conventional armed response, which responds to panic buttons and alarms after something has happened.

PPS is currently operated by 072 No Crime, run by Patrick Murphy, who is well-known in Kensington for his commitment in actively tackling the criminal element in our suburb.

PPS is a community-led initiative that has shown positive results with numerous arrests made by the single 072 No Crime patrol van currently patrolling our streets. PPS needs the help of residents to continue to be successful.

We currently have only one patrol vehicle, patrolling for only 12 hours a day.

The cost to put two patrol vehicles on our streets, 24 hours a day, is approximately R130000 a month, which we can achieve if we get 520 homes in Kensington to sign up to sponsor this initiative at R250 per month. We currently only have 70 households in Kensington contributing to PPS.

Help the KRRA and the community to take Kensington back from the criminal elements, by signing up for PPS with the form below and e-mailing it to

PPS Subscription Form