PSHB Aka Shot Borer Beetle

As many of you might know there is a serious threat to the lifestyle and ecosystem of South Africa, this in the form of a 1mm beetle[PHSB] and the fungus it carries to feed on. This fungus grows in the trees once the beetle has bored its way into the centre and there the fungus spreads to eventually kill the tree. It has already started in our green suburb and will continue to destroy most of our trees unless we work to prevent that.

South Africa is not the only country facing this issue, but there is still no clear solution at present.

There is a very good presentation a resident put together with current information that is available click here for the PDF presentation. One thing which we need to make clear is that certain indigenous trees are also being affected and dying and it’s not just the softer exotic trees.

So what can be done?

Well even though we don’t have all the answers yet or a clear solution we need to know what the current infestation situation is. Some hard-working South African have helped with that by creating an app to log and track the infestation. The data gets shared and we will all benefit from the increased knowledge.

Like data showing that the flat crown indigenous tree seems to be used as a reproductive host for the beetle?

Once we have a view of the infection status we will be in a position to implement a strategy.


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You can make a difference.

More information

Meet us at the Rhodes Park, Ocean Street parking at one of the following times

Please bring:

  1. Notebook or piece of paper & pen;
  2. Your smartphone with the Tree Survey App on it;
  3. Hat & Sunblock/umbrella
  4. Water and snacks

The audit comprises opening the Tree Survey App, taking two photos of the infested trees (including dead & dying) and uploading the info as requested to Tree Survey. Write down the numbers of dead trees, dying trees, infested trees, okay trees. You mark the tree with the spray paint according to its status. So please load the app before coming.

The colours will be: Black for a dead tree; Red for dying tree, Yellow for infested & requiring monitoring, and Green for not infested.

This is the start of us tacking the issue that faces our suburb and our country, we hope to have a good show of force so we can tackle the entire suburb and area.


Fleur Honeywill – Email: Phone: 064 046 7127

Markus Bernatzeder: