How To Get Things Done

How to log a fault and get things fixed?

The City does not employ people to check what is working and what is not, that’s it part of our responsibility as citizens of the area to load faults with the relevant City organizations.

They are the following City Power, Johannesburg Water, Johannesburg Raod Agency, Johannesburg City Parks, JMPD, Pickitup and the Administrative

Here are the contact numbers that we have gathered, also note that certain apps work well, as well as twitter. Rember to always get the reference number, for each fault as you might need to escalate the issue with the councillors if it’s not fixed in the allocated time frame.

There is also the E-service platform for your invoices, Buiding plans progress, property valuations and more.


We live in one of the oldest in Johannesburg, established by Max Langermann in 1897 over 120 years ago

The KRRA (Kensington Residents and Ratepayers Association), together with the Kensington Heritage Trust, need your help to preserve the Heritage in our suburb.

All properties over 60 years old are protected under Section 34 of the National Heritage Resources Act 25 of 1999. Any improvements, breaking down of walls, or demolitions done without approved plans and demolition permits from the Provincial Heritage Resources Authority of Gauteng (PHRA-G), plus Council approval, are illegal.

Click here to download a handy checklist for Building Alterations/and or Additions, Demolitions or Change of use:

KRRA Building Regulations checklist

KRRA Building Regulations Checklist

Provincial Heritage Resources Authority – Gauteng: 

Checklist for applications to do alterations and demolitions


Liquor Act, 2013 – Form 19 for Lodging a Complaint against Licensed Premises: (don’t forget to copy on your e-mail. The KRRA can then follow up on your behalf)

Liquor Act Form 19