Process to alter, change or demolish your house.

Before you get all excited about all the brilliant ideas and changes you want to make to your house there are a few key things you need to know before hand. Assume from the onset that you need to get approval from Heritage and City council before you even start to swing that hammer or dig the foundation.

  1. You would need the current building plans that are filed at the city councle
    1. You can do this your self or get a runner to get them for you. There is a price tag for the prints
    2. You can also start with an architect and they will be able to help you future.
  2. The next would be to find out how old the building is anything older than 60yr is automatically included as heritage and you will need to get their approval before submitting your plans to the City.
    1. for more details please have a look at this flow chart
    2. Most of the buildings in Kensington are older than 60yrs so the chances are very likely that you will need to submit to PHRAG