We have divided up the responsibilities and areas as best we could into the different portfolios and are looking for people to join the portfolios and help drive the improvement we want to see. You can also contact them with issues regarding their area.

PortfolioBy-lawsInfrastructure and facilitiesSafety & securityCommunication and Public relationsGovernance
Responsible memberPhill AtkinsCynthia PiercyJack Van der VorstMarkus BernatzederPaddy Faller


Aims and objectivesTo understand the laws, monitor and record transgressions, to provide direction and information to residents to enable them to take action and to act on behalf of residents when appropriateTo monitor and record the state of infrastructure.

To provide direction and information to residents to enable them to take action and to act on behalf of residents when appropriate
To help drive the improvement of security and safety To develop communication strategies and tactics to help keep stakeholders informed and to actively garner support and membership.To ensure that The KRRA manages finances and other compliance matters responsibly on behalf of its constituency.
Areas of activity • Illegal buildings
• Illegal business and operations
• Other transgressions – signage, traffic, pavements etc.
• Land use
• Heritage issues
• Rhodes Park
• Clean Village
• Roads
• Street Lights
• Appropriate ad-hoc (fibre etc.)
• SAPS liaison
• Other security initiatives
• General outbound communications
• Membership management
• Web site
• Social media management (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
• Press & other Media
• Financial management
•Legal & compliance
• Constitution
Key strategic initiatives• Revive / build database for the recording and tracking of all transgressions and all follow-ups.
• Populate and maintain the database.
• Develop best-practice procedures to load to web site with advice and processes for self-help
• Follow through on court ruling
• Create facility to record items requiring attention.
• Develop best-practice procedures to load to website to enable self-help.
• Collate all existing contact details and create central repository.
• Re-evaluate current web site – and build / modify to accommodate revised purpose that includes a self-help facility.
• Establish a sustainable facility to maintain to site
• Develop a new membership / subscriber strategy to expand our membership base extensively.
• Assess suitability of Non-profit entity and associated governance requirements
• Re-evaluate constitution to ensure accuracy and relevance.

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Chairman – Andre Grobler E-mail 

Membership – Roslyn Cassidy E-mail

Events – Elaine Ballack  E-mail

Enquiries – Deborah Scrimgeour  E-mail

Rhodes Park – Margaret Adams E-mail

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