Securing our Sub-Stations

Securing our Sub-Stations

Owing to a lack of security (and/or inadequate locking mechanisms), the mini substations throughout the suburb have fallen victim to vandalism. This causes unexpected and avoidable power outages across the suburb which affects us all.

The intention is to ensure that they are all secured and not easy targets for desperate people.  This requires us to find out how many there are, where they all are and which are already secured. These would be the Mini Substations and the older substation buildings.

Some residents have already done this with great success like on Buckingham and Queen Street and others. The building/units have the contact information of the three or more residents that have keys to the building and this stops petty theft of fuses and copper cables.


Where you come in

Please help us ensure that we have all of them, by sending photos and locations of the ones closest to you even if they have already been secured.

This information is then to be sent to Debbie Scrimgeour and a database of mini substations will be created.

In support of this endeavour, councillor Neuren Pietersen will work with the City power to ensure they and their subcontractors make this system work.

Please help the suburb and be part of the community that is Kensington.

Please send info to: or have a look at our website for more details and contact information.