Fibre in Kensington – Closing Media Statement

It’s been a wild ride but Vumatel’s fibre network in Kensington is now live with more residents getting fibre-to-the-home connected every day.

We understand that this project may not have been to absolutely everyone’s liking, however it is widely accepted as being in the best interests of the wider Kensington area.

This would not have been possible without the combined and concerted efforts of residents, the KRRA and our two ward Councillors, all of whom pushed for nearly three years for a fibre provider to come to Kensington.

The Admins on the “We Love Kensington” Facebook page have done a phenomenal job of encouraging discussion and debate on the roll-out and the different options and ISP’s available and continue to do so to help people make a decision on choosing an ISP.

Vumatel hosted an ISP Open day and may host another at some point in the future.

Vumatel will also be partnering with the KRRA as a part sponsor for the Kensington Spring Fair, along with some ISP’s.

Vumatel’s shared the following closing statement along with the following fun facts:

  • Total Poles planted: 1795
  • Total Cable used: 164 648m (that’s 16.6 km of cables)
  • Resident requests during the rollout: +- 70 resident requests that were attended to.

Statement from Vumatel:

“Kensington, you have joined the VUMA Fibre Revolution!

The VUMA Fibre network is about to go live and we would like to welcome the Kensington community to experience a world of endless possibilities with open access VUMA Fibre broadband! VUMA pioneered Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) in South Africa and has since connected thousands of homes across Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban to world-class fibre broadband. VUMA kicked off the fibre optic project in Kensington earlier this year. Since then, the excitement has grown amongst the community. VUMA has ensured that every home in the suburb has access to the fibre optic network, giving everyone the opportunity to access the new information age at an affordable rate. Residents can expect to pay a once off installation fee of R1725.00 and can take up an internet service from as little as R429 per month. Please note that many of the Internet Service Providers on our network cover the installation fee.

Although we faced challenges during the roll-out, we overcame these by addressing each resident’s concerns and questions. Thank you very much for your support and patience throughout the project. We are proud to have become a part of the Kensington community. Thanks to partnerships with the Kensington Resident Associations and community leaders, we were able to successfully roll-out the fibre network to your suburb, making FTTH a reality for the residents.

If you would like to join the pink revolution today, please visit our website at or contact us directly via”