Has the City of Johannesburg abandoned Kensington?

The KRRA met with the Mayor’s office in August 2017 and presented a dossier on the issues facing Kensington. Little to nothing has happened since then, and if anything, the state of Kensington has worsened.

A crucial meeting on the poor state of service delivery in Kensington was held on 07 March 2018.

This meeting was very well attended by residents of Kensington as well as Kensington’s two ward councillors however, of all the officials invited from the JMPD, City Parks, CRUM, JRA and Joburg Water, only one representative from City Parks attended.

This sends a clear message that the City of Johannesburg does not value Kensington, its nearly 5000 households or the voters that live there.

Statistics were presented to the only official that cared to attend, which show the poor state of service delivery offered by the City of Johannesburg.

We have decided to increase the pressure on the Mayor and his council to start providing the services that we are paying for, especially in light of the near-exponential rates increases looming.

We encourage Kensingtonians to become actively involved by posting images and experiences on the Mayor’s Twitter feed so that he is forced to take note of the issues facing our suburb, including but not limited to crime, dumping, by-law infringement and non-enforcement, illegal building, and the reckless and poorly regulated issuing of liquor licenses.

Note that this is not a platform to attack our ward councillors, but rather to hold accountable the administration of the City itself, which has also failed to support our councillors.

You can tweet the mayor on #hermanmashaba and if you do, please add the following handles to images and posts:

#savekensington #savequeensstreet #saverhodespark