Fibre Internet for Kensington – Update 13 February 2018 – Q&A

Following the successful public participation meeting at the Rhodes Park Community Hall on 12 February 2018, we are thrilled to report that Vumatel will begin construction of the fibre network for Kensington in the week of 19 February 2018!

There was a lot of information to take in at the meeting.

Here’s a quick Q and A on the more important points:

  1. When will fibre internet be active in Kensington?
    1. Vumatel\Fibrehoods will begin work in the week of 19 February 2018 and expect to take 6-8 weeks to complete the roll-out.
    2. This means we can expect the fibre network to go live by mid-April at the latest.
  2. My street is not the coverage map on Vumatel’s website!
    1. Send an e-mail to ASAP and get everyone on your street do the same!!! Vumatel is still in the planning phase so they could still include your street.
    2. If your street doesn’t get included in this roll-out, it can be made part of a subsequent roll-out but get your details to Vumatel ASAP!!!
  3. What will this cost?
    1. Vumatel is providing the network for their (as at time of writing) 36 Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) to use to deliver internet access and services to you. These ISP’s are going to be fighting for your business, so you can expect some competitive pricing.
    2. Vumatel will need to install a little box known as a CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) that any of their ISP’s can use to connect you to the internet.
      1. The CPE is a once-off installation in your home and costs R1710, billed directly by Vumatel.
      2. This cost is separate to the monthly fee that you pay to your ISP.
    3. Some ISP’s will offer to carry the cost of the CPE installation – Look out for our post on How to Choose an ISP.
    4. The wide range of ISP’s means that you can shop around for the best deal, with prices starting from R369.
  4. How will they be installing the fibre?
    1. Vumatel has an agreement with the City of Johannesburg to hang the aerial fibre cables from existing streetlight poles. Street lights however only run on side of the road, so Vumatel will need to install their own poles on the side of the street that doesn’t have street light poles.
    2. Vumatel’s installation team will speak to homeowners before putting up a pole outside their yards, to ensure that the pole is located in the best possible position, without becoming a nuisance to the homeowner.
    3. Vumatel will maintain the poles and will prune tree branches where necessary in line with guidance from the City of Johannesburg.
    4. Vumatel will need to dig trenches at busy intersections, as running fibre on a pole at an intersection is more at risk from collisions.
  5. How do we contact Vumatel?
    1. The Project Manager for the Kensington roll-out is Tevesh Pather
    2. Email
    3. Phone 086 100 8862