It’s Official! Fibre Internet is coming to Kensington! (But we need you to seal the deal)

Vumatel has officially included Kensington in their fibre roll-out plan!

To seal the deal however, we need 30% of Kensington to say “I’m interested in Fibre” – this is not a binding commitment – all we need is for you to get EVERYONE that you know in Kensington to add their details to the link below:

Some parts of Kensington don’t appear on the pink section of the planned roll-out map yet – but we’ve asked Vumatel to correct this. Add your details anyway and it will count towards the total we’re aiming for.

Vumatel will also have representatives going door-to-door to get the interest levels up.

Vumatel is targeting the installation of aerial fibre  to begin around the end of February 2018, but we need you all to show interest so they can justify the cost of the roll-out.