Fibre Update – December 2017

Here’s the update on the state of fibre in Kensington as at 03 December 2017:

  1. We met with Vumatel at their offices on 27 November 2017 and Vumatel has confirmed that Kensington has OFFICIALLY been added to their aerial fibre roll-out plan, with a view to installing towards the end of February 2018.
  2. The catch to this is that Vumatel is going to need us to resurrect the “Show Interest” form and show that 30% of Kensington would be interested in fibre. When we stopped taking submissions on the online form in June 2017, the interest levels – after two months of active campaigning, was 10%.
  3. We will reactivate the online “Show Interest” form once we get an official statement from Vumatel confirming that they’re definitely coming to Kensington.
  4. There has been no update from Fibre Stream as to the state of their way-leave application from City of Johannesburg. We have been receiving regular updates on the status of approved way-leaves and Fibre Stream is not on the list of way-leaves that have been approved.
  5. Of all the way-leaves that have been approved, there has been no approval for any street in Kensington to get fibre to the home trenched. All approvals for digging have been unrelated to each other and have been primarily to fix fibre breaks for Fibre-to-the-Business connections or to establish more FTTB connections.
  6. Our councillors have called for a public meeting on Monday, 04 December 2017 at Observatory Golf Club to discuss VODACOM‘s aerial fibre plans. Apologies for the late notice on this, but if you can, please make every effort to attend. If Vodacom fibre is coming to Kensington then they’ll be competing directly with Vumatel and this competition will mean more options for Kensington residents.